Yes No Maybe Vs. New Era - Material World Collection

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Digital Printing, Yes No Maybe flavour, New Era Quality, basically a top blend of elements combine to create this capsule collection of caps from YNM.

Click the pic to jump to the products, there are three in the collection.

Wicker, Wool and Concrete.

It started with a box of sunhats. I found a box of woven wicker hats like donkeys wear (when people force donkeys to wear hats on the beach) in the used container that we cleaned up and moved our stock into into last year. Frilly sunhats with beads left behind from businesses long gone. We opened them up and enjoyed parading around in them whilst milling around the workshop.

I realised one day that the shape left for the head fitted perfectly over the 59fifty I was wearing. So I traced out the peak and cut away the rest of the floppy brim.

Hey presto! I had a really fun, summery wicker 59fifty, but the peak was floppy and it kept blowing off my head when i walked outside. It looked good though. Nearly.

I simply HAD TO cut down the rest of the box of sunhats and took them to various sales Yes No Maybe were taking part in at the time - always with the same feedback- these look great but are completely impractical and don’t really fit. Would be good if it were a proper New Era cap.

So Yes No Maybe designed the WICKER 59FIFTY Print 59FIFTY instead. All the summery goodness of wicker, without the restrictions of using an awkward material.

Now we had a concept, it was time to pick other materials for the collection.. and whilst a “Three Little Pigs” collection was very tempting (Straw, wood and Brick) We decided to go for one rich and tactile material - WOOL 59FIFTY with a nice thick weave warm and cozy looking- and one hard and unlikely and uncompromising material to make a cap from: CONCRETE 59FIFTY. which also happens to look a bit like the surface of the moon, which is also pretty. If you think Concrete is pretty. We certainly do.

A really simple concept but visually striking too - and we hope to think with the usual Yes No Maybe sense of fun and style. It took a great deal of restraint to keep these concept caps SUPER SIMPLE and hold back from adorning the MATERIAL WORLD caps with heavy embroidery and graphic patches etc that we are well known for… (and also not putting Graffiti all over the concrete - you can do that yourself)

Make sure to order the right size, as these caps are FITTED. See our handy 59FIFTY fitted cap sizing guide if you haven’t bought a fitted cap before.


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