Sizing Guide for YNM Vs. New Era 59Fifty caps....

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Here is a handy guide to measuring your noggin, because the wrong size hat just aint right.

These caps are made for us by the New Era cap company. They are 'Fitted' meaning there is no adjustable fastener or elastic - you have to buy the right size for your head. They have gold stickers on the peak that show what size they are. Don't even think of removing it though...

It’s actually easier if a friend does the measuring bit for you, so they measure around where the cap goes all around your head - but you can do it yourself.

Hold the tape measure at the point where you want the hat to rest on your head. Allow a little slack using the tip of your finger as a spacer between the tape and your head.

This reading is the measurement that will provide you with a comfortable fit.

If you have an old hat that fits comfortably, measure the inside circumference of that.

If you are still baffled, nip into a high street store that sells other New Era 5950 and try them on until you get your perfect fit.


SIZE 6 7/8 = 21 5/8inches = 54.9 cm

SIZE 7 = 22inches = 55.8 cm

SIZE 7 1/8 = 22 3/8inches = 56.8 cm

SIZE 7 1/4 = 22 3/4inches = 57.7cm

SIZE 7 3/8 = 23 1/8inches = 58,7cm

SIZE 7 1/2 = 23 1/2inches = 59.6cm

SIZE 7 5/8 = 23 7/8inches = 60.6cm

SIZE 7 3/4 = 24 1/4inches =61.5cm

SIZE 7 7/8 = 24 5/8inches = 62.5cm


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