'Long Eggs'

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The Specification below is from a Danish company, the picture is of some Japanese ones.

Caterers use loads of them in the UK too.

I know that there are loads of terrible things happening out there in the wider world, Terrorism, Global warming, Famine, Full - blown AIDS, but this is the most revolting fact I have learned so far this year and I have not actually been able to eat egg at all since learning this fact amongst others (from Jamie Oliver on some Chicken and Egg - stravaganza marathon programme. I’m not proud of this fact but it’s the truth.)

Why has it taken my whole life to learn about these creations?

Anyway, I simply include the product information for this product straight out of Frankensteins freezer, and inform you that many of those cheap egg sandwiches you have been scoffing most likely have included long eggs.

Long egg, approx 300 g,15 kg carton Master information

Product: Long egg, approx 300 g,15 kg carton Brand: Danæg Production country: Denmark Revision date: 11/01-08 Product description: Long eggs are heat coagulated, deep-frozen and individually vaccum packed. Long eggs are produced from egg whites and yolks from hens eggs. A long egg is approx. 19 cm long and the diameter is 4.0 cm Serving suggestions: As fillings for sandwiches, in salads, for pizzas in meat pies etc. Ingredients: Hens eggs, mofidied starch E1412, salt, acidity regulator: citric acid Preparation: 1 long egg can be cut into min. 40 uniform slices. Do not re- freeze Nutrition g/100g Kilo Calories: 124 Energy (kJ): 510 Protein: 11 Protein energy %: 36.17% Fat: 8 Fat energy %: 57.25% Carbohydrate: 2 Carbohydrate energy: 6.58%

Units Carton Amount in carton: 50 unit Gross weight in g: 16100 Net weight in g: 15000
EAN number 5709176030501 Packing Inside packaging: plastikfolie/Plastic Exterior packaging: karton/Carton Handling Min. temperature in centigrade: -24 Max. Temperature in centigrade: -18 Suitable for freezing: Yes Life, thawed in fridge in days: 8 Life, unopened on frost in days: 540 Defrosting time in minutes: 1440 Defrosting temperature in celsius: 4


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