YNM Reading List 01: 14 books to improve your life

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Knowledge is power.

We rediscovered reading round here lately. All of the books pictured without exception are worth a read. Some take longer than others.

  1. Atlantis Art Materials Catalogue - these guys are based in East London and they are seriously great for all art materials.
  2. The Unready Rabbit by Ruth Nivola
  3. Evolving Styles - the New flash Hard Cover edition of PIMP magazine.
  4. Bucky Works by J Baldwin - about the life and works of the wonderful Buckminster Fuller
  5. Body Worlds Catalogue on the exhibition - god damn this Dr. Von Hagen is scary, but truly incredible, and this book has fantastic photographs of all the best exhibits.
  6. Notes Towards the Definition of Culture - maily just in there for show - none of us can claim to have actually read it!
  7. The naked Ape by Desmond Morris
  8. Getting things Done by David Allen
  9. Design For the Real World by Victor Papanek - an oldy but a goody, one of the first books to really excite the inner design spirit and conciousness,
  10. The Design of Everyday Things by Donald A Norman
  11. Kipper’s Book of Counting by Mick Inkpen
  12. The Life of the Bee - by Maeter Linck
  13. Roger’s Profanosaurus from Viz, The most fantastic literary resorce of all time - a the true work of genius. Then capped off on the top there with
  14. Practical Thinking and
  15. The Use of Lateral Thinking both by Edward de Bono


Wednesday , November 07, 2007 12:52 PM
Rob Quill

It’s going to be nigh impossible to find the loo in YNM HQ unoccupied for all the reading material… Nice recommendations though - cheers.

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