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We have been nominated for 'BEST BRITISH THREADS OF NOW'

That means best streetwear label in the UK - what an honour to be nominated! We are up against Boxfresh, One True Saxon, Addict, Religion and Ringspun. People please - help us out here! We wanna win! More than we have ever wanted anything in any of our pathetic, pointless lives. This is the competition we have been gearing up for - the big one, the showdown. This is the BLURB: “THE REAL BEST OF BRITISH! Fly the flag for Britain and get voting in the DJ Mag Best of British awards now! We’re turning the spotlight on our homegrown talent, based on their form in the last 12 months, from May 2006 to May 2007. Who do you think should win? Simply scroll down to see the nominees, and get voting for your faves. All nominees are British and only votes from British music fans will be accepted. Vote for the cream of the crop NOW! Voting closes 9th June.”

You have to vote in all of the categories, but it’s almost fun and it refreshes your knowledge of popular culture. It also reminds you how out of touch with it all you must be. And it only takes 3 minutes. Just don’t forget to choose the Yes No Maybe option at the bottom when they ask about clothes.

Vote Yes No Maybe.



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