Shoplifters of the world unite.......

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In absolute terror of being humiliated by the mighty judicial finger of Yes No Maybe

So we don't have a sign up on the site yet, (as we are waiting for it to be delivered from the engravers), but it needs to be made absolutely clear that shoplifting will not be tolerated on

Here you can see what happens when you mess with YNM. You get a ‘shame board’ to lug around for 17 hour shifts - left to brave the elements, tramps, dealers, pimps and whores on the streets of London Town. You get done. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time - N-aa-aamean? So we caught this worm trying to shoplift from our website, and we nailed him. Like the earliest of birds, we caught that worm, and we gave him a chance to make good - to do the right thing, to take responsibility, to be a man. And he seized that opportunity with both arms, though he did mostly let them hang loose by his side (when he poked them over the board he would begin to cut off the blood supply to his arms and he fell over once because of this. He also won a bloody turf war knife battle with a Subway® sandwiches sign holder for the same corner to display their messages). God bless them both and a speedy recovery to both parties. The more discerning thief may prefer this GEEZER JACKET instead - check out the lining for a slick stolen watch print.


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