You don't need that hat.

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You just want it. You really really want it.

You see, clothes cover us up - whatever pomp surrounds the finer details of your outfit, you need a certain amount of clothing to get by in life.... if not only to prevent nakedness.

A hat, however, is distinctly useless. Certainly there are exceptions - protection from the elements in extreme conditions, preservation of dignity or youth in balding, safety if moulded in high density materials and fitted with appropriate straps and made compulsory on building sites, in sports and on bikes. Have fun thinking of your own exceptions - I think you will agree they all add weight to my argument when I list them as exceptions to the rule. People don’t really need hats - even Yes No Maybe hats. But they want them. They make you look and feel good. And they show others what you like. Same situation with your trainers - top to toe is important to you - it’s the finer details that set your whole look off - and what finer detail than a cap? And at that angle! OOOOO-WEEEEE! As a bonus for reading this far and a lover of hats, I have pleasure in presenting to you this secret discount code for hats only, giving you a whopping 25% off all caps on …… valid for just one week so get browsing - if you snooze you lose. It’s valid on all hats - that’s trilbys, baseball caps, plastic peak visors, flatcaps, New Era collab- the whole shabang.

The code is ‘want’ and you enter it at the checkout.

Word! Love, Ben,


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