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We often receive lovely emails from happy customers.

So here is a little selection of what they tell us: (And we would love to hear from you too - get in touch!)

New contact through yesnomaybe.co.uk: Name: Natalie For: I love your brand! Comments: Thanks for the bag guys! Im so using it on my trip to Puerto rico :) So when i go to the beach im going to keep my art supplies and paper in it. Thanks again! +++++++++++++++++++++

Hey YesNoMaybe people - I just want you to know I ordered another BKK ruined my carpet T’s from you just now ‘cos my mates keep nicking mine (twice!) anyway they always get a good reaction so thanks! Can I have a discount code? Im your number 1 fan.



  Alfonso,  11/17/2011 Package arrived.

It a birthday present for my older “bro,” you don’t know how many comments he gets on this shirt with that saying. And when he mentions and shows them the label from the mother country…it raises respect for the choice. I’ve purchased from you and Barter Books—the re-order from you, you cleared up the billing completely, shows I really appreciate the concern you give customers. Many holidays are coming soon. Wishing the best for you and your loved ones! John V. Hahn.


Hi Guys,

I have ordered another t-shirt from your site. I know it’s short notice but if there anyway it can arrive before Thursday?

Many thanks,


…..Thanks so much for getting it here in time! My boyfriend really liked his t- shirt and now his sister wants one - just like his! (I am taking it to Italy on Thursday) They say the t-shirt is good quality. xxx



Thanks so much for your advice I had a little shop tonight

Talk about great customer service!!!!




New contact through yesnomaybe.co.uk: Name: Philip For: I love your brand! Comments: Great website and products. I am living in the Netherlands and a Dutch artist made a song about your company!

Dazzled Kid - Yes No Maybe! http://youtu.be/uEvQw9vunpI

I have two “bukake ruined my carpet” shirt. Great shirt and perfect text :-) why not translating it into dutch????

“Bukake ruïneerde mijn tapijt”

I yesterday received my birthday coupon code. Thank you!



Happiness is only real when shared :-)


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