DANGER ALERT! Product Recall From YNM.

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Dangerous garments to be returned for a full refund.

In co-operation with the U.K. Consumer Product Safety Commission (UKCPSC),

The promotional material for the garments reads: ‘exquisite T’s only visible to sophisticates’, and have been retailing on yesnomaybe.co.uk for £1,573.27

Unfortunately they fail to meet national flammability standards for clothing materials. The standards require all garments, including exclusive invisible T shirts, to be flame resistant, and if the garment ignites, the flame must self-extinguish.

Failure to meet the flammability standards presents a risk of serious burn injuries to women, children, and the elderly, and anyone who is susceptible to burning.

Moreover, 6 small parts of ‘exquisite detailing’ on the garments have been deemed a choking hazard.

Yes No Maybe Ltd request customers send their “Emperor’s New” T shirts back in their original packaging for a full refund or exchange.

Other products in the ‘Emperor’s New’ range are not affected by this recall.

Yes No Maybe wish to apologise to all their customers who were burned or choked as a result of wearing our most exclusive of products - we have a new one up for sale in its place which is much more sturdy.

This is particularly embarrassing to YNM as we had a similar spate of these incidents last year.


Sunday , May 09, 2010 11:29 AM

“and anyone who is susceptible to burning. ” lol, i think everyone is susceptible to burning :)

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