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Click the image for the BBC vid, and follow the link below for our Amphibious inspired selection... Enjoy!

THIS is the Yes No Maybe, YELLOW Amfibus inspired selection…

Stagecoach has resumed testing of an amphibious bus service in Glasgow after technical problems halted the first trial.

The “amfibus” was grounded less than an hour after taking to the River Clyde on Monday when an airbag popped out from part of the suspension.

The £700,000 Dutch-made vehicle can carry up to 45 passengers. The vehicle runs like a normal coach on the road but when in water uses a hull to float and is powered by twin jets.



Tuesday , February 09, 2010 07:06 PM

How about an Amfi-bendy-bus that actually swims by wiggling about?

Tuesday , February 09, 2010 07:22 PM
Tom Welsh

Nice! Looks weird going down the river…

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