An Apology to our Loyal Customers

When it rains it pours; but then thankfully when it snows it thaws.

The diving temperatures here in the UK has this past week have adversely affected our usual wonderfully efficient service that we are usually so proud of.

To those of you who we have let down this past week, we send out a heartfelt and sincere apology.

Our systems were frozen to the core due to the inclement weather, so much so that we had a painful choice to make: hack at them with an ice pick, or wait for the thing to thaw out. To preserve the safely of any lodged penguins we opted for the latter.

If you can unwind the metaphors from reality in there, you will understand we had a few problems getting your orders out as fast as usual through this snow, but are back on top of it all now.

Happily we are able to say we are over the worst, and rays of sunshine are peaking out from… Here’s hoping 2010 will be smooth and we can now get on with mopping up and getting back to normal.

Big love, Team Frosty


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