Free Worldwide Shipping From Yes No Maybe

Just a reminder

or just in case you were wondering how we do things 'round here...

We are still proud to offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders, to wherever you are!

Two thirds of our orders are spread far and wide across the UK, and the rest of our customers are mainly from all over the world, pretty much in this order: USA, Germany, Australia, Italy, France, Japan, Spain, Canada, Austria, Denmark, Belgium, New Zealand, Luxembourg, China. and more, I’m sure but I cant remember… oh - Dubai, Greece, Sweden too.

And they all enjoy free shipping!

If your credit card is registered outside of the EU and the delivery is also outside the EU then you will not get charged VAT, which is 15% of the price that you see listed on the website. So you effectively have a 15% discount - bonus!

Peace, happy shopping, and free shipping.


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