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Picture shows the original poster on display at Barter Books, if you click it you will be taken directly to Mary's blog article.

There has been a lot of Media attention about the Keep Calm and Carry On World War II poster lately. An article in the Guardian, and the Daily mail have recently highlighted the appeal of the message, with its wartime sensibility and British resolve.

Mary Manley writes with passion and is a really lovely lady. She is married to Stuart of Barter Books, and together they run a thriving second-hand Bookstore in Northumberland.

There are two important themes in Mary’s recent blog entry on the magic surrounding the Keep Calm and Carry On poster. Firstly, Mary highlights the timeless message in the poster—one of resolve, level-headedness and collectiveness:

“What I love, right along with everyone else, is how that poster, itself, would be, against all odds, a survivor of the war. How that little crown represents, still, a dignity that we seem to have lost, have we? And, yes, even now, to live up to. How its message – so simple, so clean, so without spin – has turned out to have meaning not just for a single people in time of trouble but for all of us wherever we live, whatever our troubles.”

Secondly, Mary points out the lack of credit given to Barter Books in the rediscovery and recent popularisation of this fabulous poster.

Yes No Maybe™ have always acknowledged the origins of the original Keep Calm and Carry On World War II poster, and as a result have the blessing of Barter Books in our endeavours.

As much as we hope to spread the message of the poster far and wide, we are also striving to let everyone know where and how this magnificent poster was re-discovered after so many decades.

As I’m sure you guys already know, Yes No Maybe™ were the first to put this iconic slogan on a range of Keep Calm and Carry On T-Shirts, Sweats and apparel, and continue to provide the best.

Yes No Maybe™ were invited to visit Barter Books and enjoyed a great weekend with them both, spending time with the poster in the bookstore, and getting lost amongst their many thousands of books.

After all the recent media attention, Mary was prompted to write a blog, which is really informative, interesting and passionate. Let’s hope the origins of the unearthing of this iconic poster are known to the world: credit where credit’s due.


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