NO FUSS! Yes No Maybe party on Friday 30th Jan

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Make sure you don't miss our next installment, this time at a new venue for NO FUSS! Free mix to download at the bottom of this article too!!!!!

2009 is set is kick off in a big way at The Westbury as the NO FUSS! crew move west from Brick Lane, bringing two living legends with them; Bristol’s Daddy G and DJ Derek, playing together in London for the first time!

If you’ve been lucky enough to catch either of their storming sets at the Big Chill Festival you know how these two rock the crowd. NO FUSS! residents, DMC supreme champion DJ Matman, chief party rocker King Toby, and Leisure Recordings head honchos the Leisure Allstars will also be there to set it off, bringing their own exclusive tunes, blends and dancefloor bombs.

It’s all about the line up…

Daddy G (Massive Attack) / DJ Derek / King Toby / DJ Matman / Leisure Allstars

Daddy G, Massive Attack’s heavyweight dancefloor don, and DJ Derek, the all toasting, all skanking dynamite pensioner will be joining No Fuss! residents for a night of big basslined party reggae, dub, dancehall, rare groove, breaks, dubstep and jungle at

The Westbury on Friday 30th January.

The Westbury is at 34 Kilburn High Road, London (map)

NO FUSS! has been blowing up the spot on Brick Lane for a year now, and between them the residents have played with pretty much anyone worth mentioning in the hip hop, reggae, funky breaks and jungle scene. They run two of Bristol’s longest running and most loved nights, Shanti Sound and Western Soul, in addition to Leisure Recordings, a record label responsible for releasing some of the funkiest and dirtiest dancefloor monsters known to groovers everywhere. Fire up the rum punch and bring the horns!

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The Leisure AllStars have hooked us all up with a SICK MIX:

Download it now and blast it in the office, warehouse, shop, market stall, stable, boudoir, abattoir or any other random room you may find yourself:


Thursday , January 15, 2009 11:24 AM
Johnny P

“the all toasting, all skanking dynamite pensioner” I’d like to be known as that one day….

Saturday , January 24, 2009 12:00 AM

i love daddy g esp wen he says dat thing about ‘dont call me an oficer jus call me a sarge’ coz dat is 2 cool, and i love YNM 2 coz dey do da best kloves innnnit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday , January 24, 2009 12:00 AM

i demand my right to free peaches!

Saturday , January 24, 2009 12:00 AM
Freez Peach

i hear dis ting bout da ynm cumin all moderata on de fings peeps is puttin on da site, but i, FREEZ PEACH from da PR desk @ del monte’s dont staaaand 4it - i dosey doesnt stand for nuffin cept old ladies on da choob

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