Orange, Green & Red.

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A very short story about food, by Felix Small.

Felix is a friend of YNM. He won free clothes for a year after submitting this story to a non-existent competition: creative writing about our traffic light colour scheme. So without further ado, here it is; ENJOY!


My mum says I’m a fussy eater ‘cos I’ll only eat food that’s green or Orange.

It sounds a bit like there won’t be many things to eat when you have that rule, but you would be surprised about how many green foods there are when you think about it. I think I like them all! Peas and broccoli and pears and green pasta. Green starburst are my favourite. Even sprouts, which are just baby cabbages and lot of people don’t like.

And I like oranges and carrots and pumpkin soup and sharon fruits and orange starburst too. And I can eat two different types of pepper. And green apples. I think I have always not eaten other colour food, but mum says I only started ‘behaving like that’ when I was three. But I am not behaving like anything, thats just the things I have to eat.

My worst thing that I could ever eat would be Red things, and I hope that never ever happens to me. Sometimes red things start off green when they grow, but they still taste yukky even though they are green, because they are meant to be red.

Red things maybe taste nice, because that’s what lots of people have told me, (about strawberries and tomatoes), but I don’t want to try them. I hate Red food.

I don’t hate all red things though. My front door is Red. But I wont choose Red if I can have green or orange instead. Lots of food is brownish and I sometimes eat that if it looks quite orange.

I will have to tell you more about this later, I’m late for my meeting and they can’t start without me…

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