Christmas Orders

Deadlines for getting prezzies out...

So if you hadn't noticed, everyone is starting to get into a shopping frenzy in time for Crimbo, and we wanted to give you a quick word about ordering from this site

We can get your orders out FAST, especially if you are in the UK.

Generally, we get orders out to you or your loved ones within 48 hours - even though our terms and conditions actually say 28 days (to be safe!)

That’s part of our policy to ‘under-promise and over deliver’… so everyone is astounded at how great and cool and kind we are.

That’s also why you will find extra little gifts in your order too - ‘cos we appreciate your orders loads (and want you to come back for more of course).

Anyway, back to the message at hand… these are the timeframes we recommend you leave to help orders get to you in time for the 25th:

UK: Order by 5pm on the 22nd December

Europe: Order by the 18th December

Rest of the world: Order by the 15th December

These are not guaranteed, but realistic and pretty reliable, cos we have been monitoring this stuff closely for the last few years!

Even though we are good at getting orders out of the door fast, the postal service and our couriers are also quite busy around this time of year, so of course we urge you to order sooner rather than later.

If you need next day special delivery (UK only) then drop us an email and we’ll explain how - it’ll cost a fiver but will give you that peace of mind.

Good luck shopping, and seasons greetings to all of you.

Here are some suggestions for prezzies from Yes No Maybe


Team YNM


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