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Presenting the ultimate in luxury - “The Fez” Yes No Maybe Vs. New Era™ 59FIFTY™ fitted caps are here.

Here at Yes No Maybe we love clumsy Welsh comedians, so in tribute to the greatest of them all, Tommy Cooper, we are proud to announce the launch of "The Fez".

This rich red velour cap features raised YNM logo embroidery on the back, the New Era flag on the side, a silky golden lining, and a tassle you can twizzle.

Tommy was the man. In the words of the not-nearly-as-great Paul Daniels:

“He did a great after dinner speech at the Water Rats. This great big man just stood up. That’s all he did. He just stood up and the place was in absolute hysterics at a man standing up. Now, I don’t care how much you study comedy, you can’t define that, that ability to fill a room with laughter because you are emanating humour. After several minutes of laughter he turned to his wife and said, “I haven’t said anything yet.” And the whole place went up again.”

Tommy was so funny people even laughed when he dropped dead on stage at the London Palladium.

Now treat yourself to a clip or two from YouTube.

Then treat yourself to the most decadent fitted YNM cap ever made


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