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Yes No Maybe is an Independent British Fashion and lifestyle Label. We sell through a network of Boutiques and streetwear shops, and through our online store

Our newest and most exciting product is a fitted cap made exclusively for YNM by new Era - they produce the trademark fitted 59Fifty caps and are market leaders in the streetwear scene, collaborating with just a select few of the most happening brands, Namely: King, Addict, Upper Playground, Stussy and Yes No Maybe amongst others. They also sell Yes No Maybe Collaboration Product in their Flagship Store in Brewer Street, London.

The caps come as fitted sizes, (no adjustable strap at the back) - a trend that has crept over from the USA and is here to stay, as is the flat peak style. The Gold sticker on the peak (NOT to be removed if you want to maintain your street cred) will tell you what size you are (FYI the number is the diameter of your head, expressed in Inches and fractions).

Rooted in the Sports look, fiitted New Era are a lifestyle phenomenon, mainly popularized by American Music acts and the hip hop styles merging with rock, where the fitted cap now crowns the freshest of outfits - The fitted Element of the cap is an ‘old school’ element that serves a few functions.

1) The hat looks better
2) The customer feels more attached to it - because the hat, ‘Just fits’.

We have produced a wide collection of patches for the YNM V.s New Era 59Fifty caps, and now we want an animation of some of these possibilities and to help bring the product to life. These caps are instantly customizable, fresh and are a previously unseen product. The Caps offer fantastic flexibility in the look and designs range from crisp geometric shapes to to cartoon faces and woven patches in bright colours. The product lends itself well to stop frame animation.

We want a viral animation / advert, cut to an equally inspiring soundtrack, that shows some of the millions of possibilities for customizing the the hats and also show off how damn smart they are. We want to show the humour of the product, the cutting edge style and create a short film that will circulate round the net faster than that paris Hilton Tape. The animation should be 60 seconds long, and the winning entrant will receive £500 and lifetime adoration.

A selection of the final submissions will also be uploaded.

INTERESTED? Heres how it works: You get in touch and ask for more info: We will ask to see your portfolio or stop - frame animations you may have previously completed. Once all applications are in we then pick 15 people to take part. Successful applicants will receive a sample cap and box of patch sets. Judging will take place in early March.

Winners to be announced on the YNM website.

Here is the best existing YNM animation … hope yours is even better!


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