Gideon Conn Rocks the Care Home

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Our favourite singer-songwriter spreads the love

It all started when Amir the hunk asked Gid to play for the residents of the old age home where he works.

Gid had a free slot in his hectic schedule last Tuesday morning, and gladly agreed to play.

When we heard him practising Nat King Cole’s “I Don’t Get Around Much Anymore” we knew we had to go along and record the gig. This movie shows him playing “Yes No Maybe” (of course) and is worth watching at least as much for the reaction (or lack of) from the residents as for the performance. Enjoy.

Check out Gid’s myspace and his Yes No Maybe range.

Lyrics to Yes No Maybe by Gideon Conn

I’m not a man who knows what’s good for him all the time

i may be confused i may be in a little denial

as to who my heart is racing for and if its worthwhile

chasing, replacing a page of my life

with a chapter of ill fated love interests

who knows what’s in the mind of the opposite sex?

but if you are in any doubt then here’s a suggestion

go and find out don’t sit around with an erection   first you wanna lie with me - oh yes

then you’re gonna lie to me -oh yes

then you’re gonna tease my mind - oh yes

when you gonna free my mind oh yes

it doesn’t mean the same to you oh yes

after everything you made me do oh yes

i thought you were the world to me

evidently miss yes no maybe   it really doesn’t matter what you think of me anymore

cos i’m that you think of me hardly at all

you’ve probably got a lot of other things on your mind

like when you’re gonna meet the next man in your life

but i don’t think that i can move on as easily

it may be several weeks before i’m back on my feet

hoping for better luck next time around

show me a woman who’s as good as she sounds   precisely when i realised i could articulate in verse

was the day that you found me and you lifted my curse

from your tender lips and your warm expression

i knew that you were someone unbelievably special

and all the time we’ve spent together since has become

the best that i ever spent with anyone

so read my lips now what you’re about to hear

is for you, for you alone, for you my darling dear   don’t forget to lie to me oh yes

before you come and lie with me oh yes

then you’d better tease my mind

other wise i wont even believe you’re mine oh yes

i know it means the same to you oh yes

from the little things you say and do oh yes

you know you mean the world to me

definitely just yes - no maybe


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