Velcro™ 59FIFTY™ Frenzy

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Just a quick heads up to you lot...

Our Velcro edition 59FIFTY™ have now arrived in five new fantastic colours.

These caps are so versatile because of our unique full panel of soft-loop velcro.

We dropped the first black ones last Christmas, then the grey a few months later. Both ran out fast. So we ordered more black and more grey (not too many mind, can’t have every Tom Dick and Harry in a YNM cap now can we?)

As well as the black and grey, we just had to go for the full primary spread,

Red, Blue, Yellow (OK, not primary), a nice crisp White, and the killer, in my opinion, the Watermelon.

I mean, it is less versatile, - in that it’s pretty much a dedicated watermelon… you can do some fun tweaks with it on the patches, move the pips around or make the logo look like an angry mouth, or paint your pips, or stick some crystals on them or something fly… but it’s no way as flexible as the other ‘flat colour’ versions.

The colours on the rest of the caps are constant throughout. That was really important because we wanted the option to wear these caps without patches, so it looks ‘plain’ - something that is rare to come by these days! It was important to be the same colour so as to offer the owner a fresh palette on which to express their own creative flair.

You know you have it in you!

We are designing new patch variations and listing them every week.

People are mixing and matching, making their own velcro patches, wearing them plain, buying extra patch sets, emailing in suggestions (yes - keep them coming, no you won’t get paid, maybe we’ll just make them and send you one to say thanks!)

Check out what these hats can do in this animation…


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