Bloom 08 retrospective

Fun in the Drizzle

So it was too windy. And it was a bit wet. For most of the time.

Friday we had beautiful sunshine, and that night the weather was not too bad… but I must admit that by mid saturday even OUR spirits were slightly dampened.. (wet through actually - when loads of our crew sacked it off / sacked it in, and headed back to their homes with walls and showers and remote controls and couches and all that.

But Roni Size played a superb set and it was so hi octane we barely noticed we were getting wet either. The Stereo MCs were also wicked - haven’t heard them play since way back in the day - they gave their all and everone was going nuts for it! Most of sunday was dedicated to Dubstep. Brain shattering, knee shaking Dubstep. And a bit of Beardyman too.<em>BEN/newspics/bloompics/n562715197</em>3863866_4972.jpg<em>BEN/newspics/bloompics/n562715197</em>3863628_1241.jpg<em>BEN/newspics/bloompics/n562715197</em>3863629_1576.jpg<em>BEN/newspics/bloompics/n562715197</em>3863631_2372.jpg<em>BEN/newspics/bloompics/n562715197</em>3863632_2718.jpg<em>BEN/newspics/bloompics/n562715197</em>3863636_4191.jpg<em>BEN/newspics/bloompics/n562715197</em>3863640_5722.jpg<em>BEN/newspics/bloompics/n562715197</em>3863673_3512.jpg<em>BEN/newspics/bloompics/n562715197</em>3863677_4346.jpg<em>BEN/newspics/bloompics/n562715197</em>3863855_1122.jpg<em>BEN/newspics/bloompics/n562715197</em>3863856_1467.jpg<em>BEN/newspics/bloompics/n562715197</em>3863857_1814.jpg<em>BEN/newspics/bloompics/n562715197</em>3863863_3889.jpg

As you can see, we had a great time, and a big shout out to all our new friends who received their frowny Ts as promised!

Peace out - until next time, bloomsters.

And that code was bloom08, by the way… 30% off ‘till October.


Tuesday , August 19, 2008 02:01 PM

Was a smasher! Good meeting you guys and thanks again…

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