Love your life.

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Everyone gets to an age when they realise that one day they will die.

When they contemplate that fact, several thoughts subsequently fill their heads:

1) Oh my god - (Fuck FUCK FUCK! - I’m going to die!).
2) Ok - we are all put here and then we go - everyone dies, stop being a pussy. 3) What am I going to do before I die? What am I going to get done? What am I going to achieve? How do I justify my existence on this planet? How do I find purpose in my life before I die? 4) What’s the fucking point of it all? What do I stand for - What am I FIGHTING for? What am I working towards? What do I believe in? Does that match my actions? Am I honest with myself?

These are really tough questions - but I urge you to consider answers to some of them as soon as possible. It is not fun or easy. In fact - without wanting to hype it up too much - It may be one of the hardest thinking sessions you ever do. It was for me anyway.

This is serious stuff - your life! One shot! And there are no easy ways out either.

To get what you want, you need to be completely clear about what that is.

Even though designing and creating may be a pleasure - it’s usually the guy that writes the right Brief that gets paid. And you gotta get paid - or there will be no time to do your favourite things. Like designing. So write your own Brief - then get out there and do it. The best part about writing your own Brief is that you can focus it around things that interest you. And if you are working on things that interest you then you will produce better work that is more interesting in turn.

Does this sound really obvious? I’m sorry if it does. But sometimes when I have moments of clarity I like to get it all down - and I think sharing it helps me break it down to the basics.

So at the very most basic level, we all live, and we will all die.

And the bit in the middle is the tricky part - when we realise that our choices have consequences, and that sometimes we don’t have many choices - but there is always a decision to be made. So you have decided to take the day off work to mooch around your flat in your pants, sipping on a cup of tea. That’s a decision. That’s YOUR decision.

But nothing is static anymore. Once you have made a decision, you are then at liberty to re-evaluate it constantly. Nothing can be taken for granted. Just look at our divorce rates. And if you are uncomfortable with your body, then you have the choice whether or not to fix it. Surgery is an option. And it’s on the up. If you are Fat you have the choice to be thin. Hair removal? Tan? Teeth? Choose your morgage, and evaluate it next year.

Lots of people feel like they don’t have choices when in fact they do. The alternatives are often more challenging of your mind and spirit - so we build demons around new ideas and generally fear change as an upheaval. To be honest - change IS an upheaval. But when it is gradual and constant, well then you should be getting better at what you do - things get better. Understand now that plans change - but without a plan you don’t know where you were in the first place. Without a plan you don’t know where you are going. Circumstances change. People come and go. The unexpected. The inevitable. Learning the hard way. Such sweet rewards.

Love your life. Take fun very seriously and don’t forget to live it.


Wednesday , May 28, 2008 02:14 AM


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