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YNM is interviewed for www.parsnips-fashion.co.uk

It's a wonderful world, and I'm the happiest guy in it.

I’m including a few choice snippits for you guys here, I translated them on a free website so they may not make as much sense as they might if they did.

Here goes:

“Designer name: ?????? fur ray Benjamin Farleigh brand. Those which produce effect on conception: Nature, girl of everyday life, music and, travelling and street. Because inspiration is obtained even from the wardrobe of the grandfather, among “retirement crotch lining” those the kana which probably will make the collection in theme, with you think. Favorite designer and the reason: ??????. From time of child favorite. You think that quality of the clothes, everything such as fitting, print and announcement is groovy. Even now influence is received to the stance. Hateful designer and the reason: ??? Dutch. The occasion where is. When has not become the designer: The product designer or the poet or the artist the misdemeanor person. Now most there is an interest,: Remaking the military wear. Strengthening and the like the web site of brand.

Date of birth: 1980 July 30th. Native place: London. Educational background: Acquiring the bachelor’s degree of the product & furniture design at the ? ????? university of the less tar. Study of fashion has not done, but designing the clothes and designing the product particularly the change thinks that it is not.”

Great stuff.


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