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Gideon Conn

New Bop Sounds (Audio CD)

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The new Gideon Conn album, ‘new bop sounds’ , is now available to buy at Yesnomaybe.co.uk

YNM are friends and supporters of the wonderful GIDEON CONN.

We are ready to ship your New Bop Spunds CD anywhere in the world at no extra cost…check out http://gideonconn.com for more about the man himself!

Gideon is Already well known around Manchester and across the UK as a musician, storyteller, artist and showman.

For those yet to encounter his talents, this debut LP ‘new bop sounds’ is an ideal introduction to what the lyrics of eccentric describe as his “new soul version of reality”.

watch some of the vids attached to the album here on YouTube:

look at pics of Gid here on this google image search if you fancy:

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